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Our name says it all.  TaxPros is a firm of dedicated tax professionals concentrating on income tax preparation services in the Metro Washington, DC area.  However, with the modern technology of today (e-mail attachments, scanning documents, electronic filing of completed returns, etc.), we are by no means geographically limited.  Wherever you are located in all 50 states and DC, you can have your “virtual” TaxPros representative employing our expertise to your maximum (lowest possible taxes) benefit.  We proudly service clients throughout the United States.

What can TaxPros offer you over the typical retail tax shop?  Professional credentials, education, and decades of experience solving tax problems for people just like you.  Our CPAs have over 25 years of experience in the taxation profession.  For a price comparable to those part-time, non-professional income tax services, you will receive very thorough, CPA-firm quality service for a fraction of the price.  Our low overhead (minimal office costs and cutting-edge labor saving technology) allows us to pass the savings on to you.  You get all the quality you expect in developing your lowest possible Federal and State income tax; but without the high overhead prices of big office CPA firms.     
And when tax season is over, our distinctive services are only just beginning.  We offer income, estate and other tax planning services year round.  Plus, if your returns are ever examined by the taxing authorities (in other words, the IRS or state tax examiners), we can represent you in this process to minimize the risk of any additional tax being developed upon audit.   Penalty and interest assessment letters (by far the most common form of tax “audit” notification received by taxpayers today) should always be forwarded to us before payment so that all reasonable efforts can be made to ensure that you pay the least amount of legal tax possible.  

Interested?  Call, e-mail or fax us to set up a convenient appointment with a TaxPros professional in your area.  



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